Privacy and integration
The basic concept behind the integration of services is to make sure that appropriate services are provided as soon as they are called for. The goal is to integrate different service providers where a child's information is shared for the benefit of the child. In this way, the service will be continuous and integrated.

Personal information will not be shared unless requested by the parents and/or child.
  • Disclosure of information and how it works?
    A form is filled out by the parents and/or child that allows service providers, or those who provide general services, to collect appropriate information regarding the child's situation which is then passed on to a coordinator of services for the benefit of the child´s prosperity. The form grants the coordinator of services, and only that person, access to the appropriate information. The coordinator of services is not authorized to contact anyone other than the parents and/or child once he has received the information   
  • Integration of services and how it works?
    A form is filled out by the parents and/or child requesting that services will be integrated. The request allows coordinator of services, case managers, service providers and those who provide other services for children´s prosperity to process information about a child in order to ensure an organized and continuous service.
  • Personal information and how it is handled?
    Everyone who works on integrating services for children´s prosperity are required to work within the confines of the law. Personal information is also processed in accordance with the criteria for the processing of personal information based on the laws issued by the Ministry of Education and Children's Affairs. This means that everyone who works with personal data has an obligation to only work with information for which there is a legitimate purpose for the processing, to work only with the information that is needed and to communicate it only to those authorized to review it. The security of the personal information must be taken care of in all respects.
The service provider, the person who provides general services for the benefit of children's prosperity, coordinators of services, case managers and others who work with personal data on the basis of the Prosperity Act must inform the parents and/or child how the sharing of personal data takes place in each individual case. Information must be given on which data will be shared and which security measures will be taken, in order to protect the security of the personal information.