Services for the benefit of Children´s Prosperity
A new approach for children and their families
Children´s Prosperity Act
A new law on integrating services for Children´s Prosperity has been implemented.
The child is at the forefront of the system
The main purpose of the Prosperity Act is to make sure that children and their families do not get lost in the system or sent between service providers, whether on a municipal or governmental level. Here you can find more information.
All children have a fundamental right to access of services they might need. It can be complicated to know where and how to procure these services. The Prosperity Act ensures that children, along with their parents, have access to the services they need and that they get the right help provided by the correct service providers.
Prosperity: Conditions that achieve physical,psychological, intellectual, moral and social development and health on theirown terms in the future.
Levels of services
Services for children are provided at three service levels.
Coordinator of services
All children and parents have access to a coordinator of services as needed. See more in video/the video provides further detail.
Case manager
The case manager leads the support team and assembles a support plan.
Mælaborð um farsæld barna
Gagnvirkt mælaborð sem skilgreinir fimm grunnstoðir farsældar.